Acting Boston mayor uses slavery, Trump to shoot down questions about vaccine passports

  • by:
  • Source: Fox News
  • 08/04/2021
Acting Boston Mayor Kim Janey shot down talks of mandating proof of vaccination in the city, comparing such papers to the Jim Crow era and former President Donald Trump’s birtherism theories. 

"We know that those types of things are difficult to enforce when it comes to vaccines," Janey, a Democrat, said Tuesday when she was asked if she’s considering mandating vaccine passports.

"There’s a long history in this country of people needing to show their papers — whether we talking about this from the standpoint of, you know, as a way to, after — during slavery, post-slavery, as recent as, you know, what the immigrant population has to go through," she continued. 

"We’ve heard Trump with the birth certificate nonsense," she added. "Here, we want to make sure that we are not doing anything that would further create a barrier for residents of Boston or disproportionately impact BIPOC communities."
Boston by Tiago Henriques is licensed under flickr Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
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