Biden Attempts To Downplay Inflation, Supply Chain Crises

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  • Source: OAN
  • 12/02/2021
Joe Biden recently attempted to downplay the numerous economic crises facing the nation. While speaking from D.C. on Wednesday, he claimed the economy is currently doing well and is on its way to recovery.

Biden made those remarks despite a looming debt ceiling crisis, an ongoing supply chain crisis and skyrocketing inflation that Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell said this week has no end in site. He attempted to downplay the ongoing supply chain woes while claiming his policies are responsible for helping ease bottlenecks
“If you’ve watched the news recently you might think the shelves in all out stores are empty across the country, that parents won’t be able to get presents for their children this holiday season, but here’s the deal — for the vast majority of the country that’s not what’s happening,” Biden stated. “Because of the actions the administration has taken…those shelves are going to be stocked.”
Joe Biden by U.S. Secretary of Defense is licensed under Flickr CC BY 2.0
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