Democrat Jamaal Bowman Calls GOP ‘Economic Terrorists’ For Negotiating Over Debt Ceiling

Rep. Jamaal Bowman questioned Thursday why President Joe Biden is negotiating over the debt ceiling with GOP lawmakers in the House, who Bowman said were “terrorists.”

Bowman, a Democrat from New York, is part of a group of progressive lawmakers who have called on Biden to unilaterally raise the debt limit under the 14th Amendment, a questionable use of authority that would almost certainly bring legal challenges.

“I’m very frustrated. You know, I called on the president to invoke the 14th Amendment and mint a coin and do not negotiate with hostage takers,” Bowman told CNN. “I mean, we don’t negotiate with terrorists globally. Why are we going to negotiate with the economic terrorists here that are the Republican Party?”

Jamaal Bowman by John Foshay is licensed under Flickr Creative Commons
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