District attorneys drop most looting cases from last year's riots in NYC, leaving business owners 'disgusted'

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  • Source: The Blaze
  • 06/21/2021
District attorneys in New York City have dropped looting cases against hundreds of suspects, who were charged during last summer's riots in the wake of George Floyd's death, according to a new report. Allowing the looters to get off scot-free has disgusted some NYC business owners who had their stores ravaged by last year's protests and riots that occurred on a regular basis.

According to NYPD data analyzed by WNBC-TV, there were 118 arrests made in the Bronx in early June last year — during the worst of the looting from riots. Despite many of the suspects being caught on surveillance footage or bragging about committing crimes on social media, Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark has reportedly dismissed 73 of those cases, more than 60% of the cases. There have been 19 convictions for mostly lesser counts, like trespassing, which carries no jail time. There are 18 cases that remain open.

Jessica Betancourt owns an eyeglass shop that was looted and destroyed in the Bronx last June.
George Floyd Riot by Stephen Hogan is licensed under Flickr CC BY 2.0
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