European Union Suspends Asylum at Belarusian Border Amid State-Sponsored Human Trafficking

The European Union voted to suspend asylum privileges for illegal immigrants entering the bloc at the borders of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia on Wednesday, responding to a request from the member states. The three countries have been targeted in a subversion attempt by Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko, with former officials of the Belarusian government indicating Lukashenko is directly ferrying Iraqi and Afghan illegal migrants into EU member states in a political gambit.

The European Union’s Commission voted to allow the three countries independence from burdensome asylum regulations requiring member state to provide privileges and benefits for illegal immigrants. The protections have proved for useful for Lukashenko to impose considerable human, economic and political costs on Belarus’ neighbors.

The immigration reforms will allow the governments of EU member states to more easily deport illegal aliens. It’s not inaccurate to compare the reforms to President Donald Trump’s game-changing ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, which required migrants seeking to abuse the US asylum system to wage their claims in a third country while awaiting adjudication.

One critic of Lukashenko has accused the quasi-Stalinist dictator of training and arming Afghans and Iraqis with military experience to breach the Polish border, in what would amount to a direct attack on Poland’s sovereignty.
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