Governor Cuomo blames police for soaring crime rates, threatens to pull funding from 500 departments

NEW YORK CITY, NY– As if taken straight from the playbook of the many Governors and Mayors across the country facing rioting, looting, and an increase in crime, Governor Cuomo blamed New York’s crime surge on Police. 

In a press conference on August 17th, Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed the soaring numbers of violent crimes taking place all over New York, and referred to it as an “urgent crisis”. Without mincing words, he then blamed it completely on police departments, claiming they have done “very little” to come up with reform plans. 

As if publicly blaming the police was not enough, he then went on to say that he sent a letter to five hundred police departments across the state, telling them they need to address the crisis. In this letter, he also threatened that he will be pulling funding from the departments if their reform plans are not in place by April 2021. 
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