Illegal immigrants flood into US from Canada as Biden's border crisis deepens

The number of illegal border crossings between Canada and the United States has increased nearly tenfold over the past five months in the region between northeast states and Canada, local law enforcement officials say.

From October 1 to February 28, around 2,000 migrants illegally crossed the border between Canada and New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York, south through forests, compared to just 200 crossings in the same period the previous year, according to NBC News.

The migrants are mainly from Mexico, and they can travel to Canada without visas before crossing illegally into the US.

Sheriff David Favro's department in Clinton County, New York, has had to assist the US Border Patrol in giving medical attention to a number of the migrants, with some suffering from frostbite or mild hypothermia, he told NBC.
Border fence. by Markus Spiske is licensed under Unsplash
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