Journalists Who Ignored WaPo’s Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Freak Out Over Trump Ads

Verified journalists took to Twitter Thursday to express their strong disdain with the Washington Post after a series of advertisements for the Trump campaign ran on the news organization’s online homepage. None of these journalists, however, express concern when the Post routinely publishes propaganda paid for by the Chinese Communist Party.

The video advertisement, which plays when anyone opens the Washington Post’s homepage, accuses Joe Biden and his campaign of “embrac[ing] the policies of the radical left” and links to a different website showcasing how Biden and his policies are “Dangerous for AMERICA.”

The advertisement ran on the same day that Biden is expected to accept the formal Democratic nomination for the presidency at the Democratic National Convention. 

While some journalists alleged that the advertisements were false and should not be promoted by a news corporation, others claimed that the Post was selling its “soul.”
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