Justice Sotomayor Compares Unborn Babies To Braindead People Reacting To Stimuli

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor compared unborn babies to braindead people during Wednesday’s oral arguments in the landmark abortion case currently before the court.

In an effort to address the question of fetal pain — whether the ability to feel and respond to pain is proof that the fetus is alive and at what point an unborn child in the womb is capable of feeling and responding to pain — Sotomayorargued that a physical reaction to certain stimuli is also common in patients who have been declared braindead.

“Justice Sotomayor acting the role of Philosopher-King over the sensation of fetal pain is moral avoidance. The question is not, ultimately, over pain, but whether the Constitution grants the right to terminate innocent life. The answer is, of course, no,” ethics and theology professor Andrew T. Walkerresponded.

Senator Lindsey Graham also offered his objection, tweeting, “With all due respect to Justice Sotomayor, it is not a minority of doctors who believe an unborn child can feel pain before 24 weeks. It is well-established medical practice to provide anesthesia to the unborn child regarding medical procedures performed before 24 weeks because the nerve endings, which generate pain, are well-developed.”
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