Kellogg Pledged $91 Million To Racial Division While Slashing Employee Benefits

Corporate executives at Kellogg appear to be more interested in leftist virtue signaling than paying their workers. 

On Tuesday, a new database from the conservative Claremont Institute revealed the breakfast cereal giant pledged $91 million to the Black Lives Matter movement and related causes after the nationwide George Floyd riots. In 2020, the company launched the Racial Equity 2030 Global Challenge, an injection of $90 million to “fuel innovative and actionable solutions to build a racially equitable future.”

As stewards of our children’s future, we must collectively face the primary challenge of our time: racial equity,” said W.K. Kellogg Foundation Trustee and Board Chair Cathann Kress in a promotional video. 

The campaign was launched to mark the foundation’s 90th anniversary.

Black Lives Matter by Nicole Baster is licensed under Unsplash
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