Pro-Palestinain activists hunting Jewish homes, threatening them with demolition orders

The ‘Buycott Palestine” group is searching for homes in Ottawa with mezuzahs on the doorframes. Upon finding them, they are leaving phony demolition notices for the homeowners. The development was reported by ‘Stop Antisemitism’ on Thursday.

The ‘demolition order’ informs them that their “house is scheduled for demolition in the next three days.” The notice then relates the demolition order to the alleged plight of demolition orders that Arabs in Israel encounter.

The Buycott Palestine movement is the other side of the BDS coin. Instead of only boycotting Israel, this movement calls to commercially patronize ‘Palestinian’ products. The only products the group could currently come up with are two date companies featured on their website.
Israel by Hanna Vaknin is licensed under Flickr CC0 1.0
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