Repeat COVID vax worsens immune response, could 'enhance' dengue, international research suggests

With regulators worldwide on the defensive for approving mRNA COVID-19 vaccines associated with seizures and heart inflammation in low-risk groups, and confirmed to be contaminated with DNA in large-scale batch production, more science is filling in the gaps left by governments.

Dutch government-funded researchers confirmed the peer-reviewed work of two sets of German counterparts who found repeat vaccination spurs a "class switch" to inferior antibodies that moderate rather than neutralize SARS-CoV-2 infection, in a much larger study awaiting peer review.

A new Indian preprint finds that COVID antibodies "enhance" a much worse disease, dengue, raising serious questions about the safety of boosting in dengue hotspots. Previous peer-reviewed research has already found "cross-reactivity" between the two viruses and their antibodies.

An international research collaborative often described as the "gold standard" of evidence-based medicine is facing scrutiny for alleged glaring holes in its systematic review of COVID vaccine safety and efficacy last year, just months after a row over editorial interference in a mask review.

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