Victoria's Secret brings sexy back after 'inclusive' rebrand brings sales slump

Victoria’s Secret, the lingerie company once known for its slender, angel wing-wearing models walking the runway, is looking to return to the "sexiness" the company was known for, following a sales slump after the company moved towards inclusive marketing.

The brand had moved away from their "Angels" concept into showcasing models who were plus sized, transgender, disabled, and those not considered beautiful by contemporary beauty standards. This included the black trans social media influencer model Emira D'Spain, and US women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe. The New York Times praised the move in 2021, saying the brand was redefinining "sexy."

"For decades," the Times gushed, "Victoria’s Secret’s scantily clad supermodels with Jessica Rabbit curves epitomized a certain widely accepted stereotype of femininity. Now, with that kind of imagery out of step with the broader culture and Victoria’s Secret facing increased competition and internal turmoil, the company wants to become, its chief executive said, a leading global 'advocate' for female empowerment."

Sensual woman by Monika Kozub is licensed under Unsplash
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