Far from border, Americans victimized by violent crimes committed by illegals aliens
Critics argue crimes would be prevented if border were secure, and foreign nationals were prevented from illegally entering. Read More.
Nolte: Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes Surge 214% in Democrat-Run New York City
Hate crimes against Jews in Democrat-run New York City surged 214 percent last month, the far-left New York Daily News reports. Read More.
New ‘Orwellian’ HHS pronoun mandate forces employees to ‘deny reality,’ violate law: legal expert
New HHS policy permits employees to 'wear clothing,' 'use bathrooms' based on gender identity Read More.
U.S. House Votes To Censure Democrat Rashida Tlaib For Supporting Genocide Of Israel
Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was censured by the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday for her support of genocide against the state of Israel. Read More.
New CNN Poll Is Bad News For Biden As 2024 Election Cycle Kicks Off In Earnest
A new CNN poll appears to spell bad news for President Joe Biden as the 2024 presidential election is now less than a year away. Read More.
Ivanka Trump arrives at Manhattan courthouse to testify in civil fraud trial
“She will attempt today to distance herself from the company, but unfortunately, the facts will reveal that in fact she was very much involved.” Read More.
FDA downplays COVID vax overdosing as hydroxychloroquine shows more promise in European research
Agency portrayed ivermectin as dangerous by conflating human and livestock dosages, but didn't take pains to warn providers Moderna jabs have "notably more" than authorized for kids. Read More.
Rolling Stone calls Speaker Johnson’s anti-porn parenting app ‘creepy’
Johnson has called media attacks over his Christian faith 'disgusting' Read More.
Indianapolis police say 'terrorist' drove her car into a building after mistaking it for a Jewish school: 'I'm just getting my anger out'
A woman was arrested Friday after allegedly driving into a building she had figured for a Jewish school. Ironically, the building 34-year-old Ruba Almaghtheh admitted to plowing her Chevy Impala into belongs to a group known for similarly being anti-Semitic. Read More.
‘Answer The Question’: Sparks Fly As Trump Spars With Judge In NYC Fraud Case
Former President Donald Trump was told not to make “speeches” soon after taking the stand Monday to testify during his New York civil fraud trial. Read More.
Biden Regime Deploys Over 17,200 Military Personnel to Middle East Amid Rising Tensions
As tensions continue to build in the Middle East, the United States is making a resolute show of force. Read More.
Two NYT Journalists Signed Letter Blaming Israel for Genocide, Apartheid
Two New York Times journalists signed a letter that blamed Israel for genocide and apartheid, arguing that the country’s actions sparked the horrific terrorist attack on October 7, which claimed over 1,400 lives. Read More.
Sam Bankman-Fried faces up to 115 years in prison
The financial trial of the decade reached its conclusion and resulted in infamous FTX cryptocurrency trading platform founder Sam Bankman-Fried being found guilty of fraud. Read More.
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