REVEALED: Murdered leftist activist Ryan Carson has history of celebrating death, violence towards conservatives
Carson celebrated the deaths of conservatives, advocated for violence against police, violently threatened elected officials. Read More.
FBI, DOJ Officials Were ‘Openly Mocking’ Congressional Inquiries Into Hunter Biden Investigation, Memo Alleges
Officials from the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) were “openly mocking” congressional inquiries about the Hunter Biden investigation into his taxes and firearms possession, a newly released IRS memo alleges. Read More.
Jim Jordan announces run for speaker of the House; targets law and order, federal spending, and border control
Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio announced that he is running for speaker of the House, publishing a letter detailing his proposed focus, backed by recent accomplishments. Read More.
Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Plot Second Amendment Defense To Fight Gun Charges
Hunter Biden’s legal team is going to use a Second Amendment defense to fight his three federal gun charges, according to letters his lawyers wrote to Department of Justice (DOJ) officials. Read More.
Women's tech conference overrun by men claiming to be 'non-binary' draws amused reaction: 'I love this'
'You have to admit it's pretty funny watching a dude yelling about dudes being dudes' Read More.
New Temporary House Speaker Orders Pelosi To Vacate Capitol Hideaway Office
Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), who is the temporary Speaker of the House, has ordered Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi to vacate her Capitol hideaway office by tomorrow. Read More.
Hillary Clinton: ‘Dark and Dystopian’ Trump Will Be GOP 2024 Nominee
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday on PBS’s “NewsHour” that she believed former President Donald Trump, who she characterized as “dark and dystopian,” would be the Republican Presidential nominee. Read More.
New York Governor Kathy Hochul Puts Illegals Ahead of Citizens AGAIN-Announces 18,000 Jobs Available to Asylum Seekers
Despite having a few fleeting moments as an immigration hawk while her state is overrun with illegals, New York Governor Kathy Hochul has once again showed her pattern of putting illegals ahead of American citizens. Read More.
McCarthy Addresses Media After Being Ousted As Speaker, Says He Will Not Run Again
Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy delivered a speech Tuesday night after being ousted as speaker, saying he will not be running for the position again. Read More.
Poll: RFK Jr. Independent Bid Would Help Donald Trump, Hurt Joe Biden
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running as an independent 2024 presidential candidate would help former President Donald Trump and hurt President Joe Biden in the general election, a recent Echelon Insights survey found. Read More.
Some Democrats fear Bidenomics branding is backfiring
The Biden re-election campaign's decision to brand the economy under the president's name (Bidenomics) is looking like an early blunder that misread the public's deep pessimism about how things are going on that front. Read More.
September had the most border encounters of all time with over 260,000, setting monthly and yearly record
Reports have suggested that U.S. agencies experienced the highest number of border crossings at the southwest land border in a single month in September 2023, which would also push the yearly numbers past all-time records. Read More.
MTG calls on DOJ to prosecute Jamaal Bowman using same law used to imprison J6ers
"The Democrats literally will do anything ... because billions aren’t going to their favorite country: Ukraine." Read More.
Trump Campaign Calls On RNC To Cancel All Remaining Primary Debates
Former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign called on the Republican National Committee to cancel all the remaining 2024 presidential primary debates and support Trump after the second GOP primary debate on Wednesday night. Read More.
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