Kamala Harris Nod Tells Blue-Collar Workers Democrats Are Done With Them
In the presidential election of 2016, voters in each of the major parties were dissatisfied with their faction’s presidential nominee in such large numbers that we witnessed a massive shift in the two-party system. Read More.
Journalists Who Ignored WaPo’s Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Freak Out Over Trump Ads
Verified journalists took to Twitter Thursday to express their strong disdain with the Washington Post after a series of advertisements for the Trump campaign ran on the news organization’s online homepage. Read More.
Brooklyn mother traveling with six children forced off JetBlue flight when her 2-year-old daughter wouldn’t wear mask
A Brooklyn mother traveling alone with her six children was forced off a JetBlue flight in Orlando, Fla. Wednesday when her 2-year-old daughter wouldn’t wear her mask. Read More.
Governor Cuomo blames police for soaring crime rates, threatens to pull funding from 500 departments
NEW YORK CITY, NY– As if taken straight from the playbook of the many Governors and Mayors across the country facing rioting, looting, and an increase in crime, Governor Cuomo blamed New York’s crime surge on Police.  Read More.
Undignified Obama
Last night Barack Hussein Obama gave what was probably the most undignified, inflammatory, hateful nominating-convention address of a former president in the history of the United States. Read More.
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  • Source: Daily Wire
  • 05/25/2023

U.S. Spent $13 Billion Sponsoring Unaccompanied Minors Since 2012

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  • Source: Just the News
  • 05/24/2023

Ron DeSantis officially files for presidential run, setting up clash with Donald Trump

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